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Want to learn how to code? Here you can find some useful coding and computer programming articles that can help students with their coding and computer programming skills. 
Dedicated to all things coding and computer programming! You will find a collection of informative and insightful articles written by experts in the field, as well as passionate individuals who love to code.
Our articles cover a wide range of topics related to coding and programming. They also provide many suggestions for other useful coding articles, videos and resources. Here are a few examples that some of our coding students have used ;

GitHub – Is a platform for version control and collaboration that allows programmers to manage projects, and build software.

Reddit – Has a community of programmers discussing programming topics, sharing resources, and helping each other solve coding problems.

Mozilla Developer Network – Is a comprehensive resource for web development, including articles, tutorials, and documentation for web technologies. Many Cambridge coding students who have learnt the basics of coding Python, CSS, HTML, and JavaScript have gone on to develop with MDN.

Google Developers – Is another resource for developers, to learn about Google technologies, including APIs, tools, and best practices.

Whether you’re a seasoned programmer or just starting out, our articles are written to be accessible to all levels of expertise. We aim to provide clear explanations and practical tips that you can apply to your coding projects, as well as thought-provoking insights into the future of programming.
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